Thursday, 5 January 2012

How to Lose Weight With Hypnosis

Weight loss and diet are in everyone's mind and on every person's lips especially this time of year after the excesses of the holiday season, and who can blame them for such a new year's resolution. Generally we put on weight during the winter months, then look at ourselves in the mirror and dread the thought of being on public display in swimwear for the forthcoming summer. What sacrifices must be made to shed those pounds? Weight loss with hypnotherapy is one great method for achieving your goals. Read here for the basics to hypnosis weight loss from a previous post. Hypnosis allows new ideas to be programmed into the deeper part of the brain, and if those ideas are healthy in nature the person in question will automatically begin living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.

If we are inactive our body learns to burn less fat as if it is in some kind of self induced hibernation mode of limited movement. This is what is known as a 'slow metabolism' the rate at which our body burns its fuel. On the other hand the western obesity crisis is also caused by simply eating too much, and eating far too many unnatural foods. Why is the 'natural' aspect important? As humans we developed as a species eating what we found in nature, be it meat, fruits or vegetables, we were basically eating animals or plants while we spent our days actively hunting or gathering them in. Look at pictures of tribes people from remote jungles, they all have healthy lean bodies with great skin and that is no coincidence, they eat what nature provides them and nothing that has been processed and added to for 'extra' flavours. The 'cave man' diet (also known as the 'Paleo' or 'Paleolithic' diet) uses this basic rule and has worked wonders for people's health who have followed it.

Human civilisation advanced in a way that we were able to harvest huge amounts of crops in the form of grains to make bread and many other variants of it, all high in carbohydrates. Sugar is harvested and is put into our food along with salts and many different types of oil that our bodies essentially are not designed to consume. Feed a dog cheeseburgers everyday and despite him probably enjoying them it wont do his health or hygiene any good at all...a dog is designed to eat flesh and bones and that is what he will be most healthy eating.

So not only are we fed food in high quantity that is unhealthy and unnatural for our bodies, we no longer have to go out and actively hunt or forage our food - leaving us free to sit in front of our laptops or TVs ordering take away to our doors. Is it any wonder that many westerners are fatter than they should be? Is the modern lifestyle suited for our body design? And that's without mentioning huge alcohol intake...

So we've developed these unhealthy habits that are now ingrained into our minds but are really doing our bodies very little good at all. Many people have developed diabetes and similar related disorders due to bad diet and bad lifestyle. But what can we do about it in our own lives today and for the year ahead?

I was a healthy active youngster myself, but after leaving school and having the funds to discover beer and take away, I got lazy and put on around 20 kg and my skin also became more greasy and spotty. Despite reading some fancy books and attempting some overly complicated diets, it took me a long while to actually come to terms with the basics of health and get my head straight on the matter. But as soon as I did the weight fell off consistently and has stayed of ever since. I feel better than ever and importantly full of energy. I never did anything complicated or wasted time measuring calories, portion size or counting carbs. I used common sense as well as consistency and followed these simple rules:

  • Drink water predominantly instead of sugar laden juices, sodas or milk.
  • Drink a herbal tea with nothing else added instead of milky tea with sugar or coffee (you don't need the caffeine!)
  • Eat a couple of pieces of fruit per day as snacks instead of chocolate/crisps/chips/biscuits/cookies
  • Eat a large breakfast full of protein (couple of eggs) that satisfies me from the off instead of late night binging. Rather have the fuel inside you to burn off in the day rather than sleeping on that fuel in your stomach where it will turn to fat. Breakfast cereals are a waste of time as they don't satisfy and are high in carbs and sugar.
  • Lay off the carbohydrates where possible, but especially in the evenings when it sticks
  • If you do eat bread/pasta or such like high carb foods, switch to wholemeal every time.
  • Do a short burst of exercise (half hour) most days instead of longer more boring sessions once or twice a week
  • Vary exercise to keep it fresh and interesting (sport for me is the best as it never feels like a chore, also activities like roller blading or anything that can be enjoyed)
  • Walk where possible instead of using unnecessary transportation

I've joined gyms before but they weren't right for me. The expense is one thing, but generally I'd rather take a jog in the fresh air of the outdoors for free than watch Lycra-clad hairy sweaty men on treadmills. Body weight exercises like press ups are great and can be done in the home without cost the same as many different types of exercise such as Pilates or Yoga.

I don't live like a monk and if there is an occasion like Xmas or a birthday I don't mind eating some things I know probably wont do me any good, I still enjoy a drink every now and again or whenever the situation might arise. But I've got to the stage essentially where I understand how my body works and I simply do not crave the 'treats' in life that used to be a staple part of my old unhealthy diet. I feel better, look better and its made my life better. I reached this level of understanding through continued self-hypnosis (How to do self-hypnosis part one) which has allowed my mind to make long term changes for the better. I used to eat until I felt bloated, then have a desert to fill in the gaps. I don't have that need any more. I don't have cravings for foods that are bad for me and neither do you have to if you control your mind in the right way instead of letting it control you and your behaviour.

If you think you need help with weight loss and think hypnotherapy is the answer, I'd be happy to share my program with you just email for more details. Gastric Band hypnotherapy can be read about here and is another option for hypnosis weight loss. 


Diana Guess said...
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Greg said...

Hello Diana,
Thanks for leaving a comment! Hypnotherapy is very successful because weight loss is as much mental as it is a physical. If losing weight is still something you wish to do then I would highly recommend a hypnosis program. If you would like any advice feel free to contact me.

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