Thursday, 12 January 2012

Communication With Your Subconscious Mind: Pendulums and Dowsing

Pendulums and dowsing have often been ridiculed as far fetched 'spiritual nonsense', but could there actually be a science behind the practice? Many, including me, would say there is.

In hypnotherapy it is common practise to have clients answer questions using movements of the hands of fingers, E.G. they have a 'yes' finger, a 'no' finger and a 'I don't know finger', in order that they need not speak. This is important because it is believed that by bypassing speech in giving an answer the conscious mind is thus avoided and so instead a deeper subconscious response can be given. This is essentially what biofeedback is; subliminal responses that the body gives to stimuli, and as the subconscious controls our bodies in the vast majority of ways, including involuntary muscular movement and the nervous system, this facet of human behaviour should not be undervalued. When our emotions change our bodies work in different ways, for example in blushing, shaking, changing temperature or sweating more or less. Sometimes the changes can be far more subtle.

A pendulum is usually a piece of crystal on a thin line of material that hangs exactly vertically and swings evenly. If held still by the thumb and finger the pendulum can therefore detect and highlight physiological changes in the body by swinging in different ways. With some practice therefore it is possible to initiate 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' answers simply by relaxing and holding the pendulum in a relaxed fashion. Breathing steadily and keeping a clear mind you can ask the pendulum for a 'yes' response and you can note the motion it makes; either side to side, up and down or circular in motion. Once the responses are clear you can ask questions to yourself and the subconscious will respond through the pendulum in its movement. Some people consider these responses to be deeper and more true than the conscious mind can produce, and have used pendulum responses to make important decisions as well as finding answers to numerous personal questions, including health and love life issues. People have found success in business using the pendulum system of subconscious communication.

Dowsing with a wooden rod supposedly uses this same method of communication, and can be used successfully to discover underground water or minerals; although how the subconscious mind would be connected to this kind of non-bodily information is for another post...

Want to try out the pendulum system? A crystal pendulum is weighted very exactly and so gives clearer answers easier, but if you don't have one of these sitting around at home and do not wish to buy one you can experiment with a piece of thread and a paper-clip. Relax yourself and hold the thread between thumb and middle finger (many people prefer this but other fingers can be used also) resting your elbow on a surface such as a table top. Experiment with your subconscious and see what results come of it, you may very well be surprised. Got questions?


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