About Me

Greg Mell CHt BSc

  • From Surrey, England
  • BSc Degree in Psychology and Sports Coaching at Oxford Brookes University 2005
  • Post Grad credits at Harvard University USA in Abnormal Psychology 2005
  • Post Grad Certificate in Education (PGCE) from University of Buckingham 2015
  • Attained Master Hypnotherapist status at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) in San Francisco USA in 2010 (see below)
  • Certified Smoking Cessation Practitioner with UK Stop Smoking Service 
  • Travelled the world working for international cruise lines Royal Caribbean International and Carnival UK as entertainment/youth/sports staff on board the ships.
  • Worked in Mexico for five years as a coach, teacher and youth counsellor. 
  • Speak Spanish to a conversational level.
  • Currently live East Grinstead West Sussex UK

Who do I treat?

I am happy to speak to anyone about hypnosis. My goal is to open hypnosis to as many people as I can which is why I offer initial consultation free of charge in order to decide if a hypnotherapy session would be a viable option or not.

Hypnotherapy is not a miracle cure but works by utilising your own state of mind, and the first step in achieving results is truly wanting to change for yourself. A phone consultation is the best, obligation free, method to determine the best route forward. Or just send an email.

Hypnosis over the phone / 'Skypenosis' available upon request.  

What do I treat?

Hypnotherapy can be used for practically any mind-related issue. This includes (but is not exclusive to) weight loss, self-confidence/esteem, healthy living, stop smoking, addictions, overcoming phobias/fears, sports performance, concentration, motivation, children’s issues, living with guilt, career guidance, recurring pain, understanding dreams/nightmares/night terrors, sleep problems, study problems/school grades, becoming energised, overcoming anger/hatred/jealousy… the list could go on and on.

If you have a personal issue that you would like to overcome naturally and healthily why not get in touch: healnowtherapy@hotmail.co.uk

I have a strong background in sport, as well as working in smoking cessation but I think my particular strength in hypnotherapy is analysing dreams, which you can read about on this blog by using the search function. Having studied under the master of Hypnotic Dreamwork, Randal Churchill, it was hard not to be influenced by his work, and have seen first hand how powerful a tool it can be to both understanding and healing deep emotions. 

The first dreamwork I completed after training was successfully curing the recurring nightmares of my own mother!  

How long does treatment take?

Many long term problems can be reduced after only one (one hour) session of hypnosis. Depending on how deep the problem is and how quickly the individual mind can adapt to change determines exactly how long the ‘reprogramming’ takes. Using the example of dreamwork, a recurring nightmare can be banished for good in one session. I've seen enormous progress with phobias in one session. Smoking cessation can take longer. 

To be clear I have also had cases with much less success.

 Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Corte Madera California (accredited by A.C.H.E) here