Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Video: The Truth About Pharma Companies and Your Health?

On the whole I trust the advice of doctors but I certainly think twice before taking any medications, prescription or otherwise, because often there is a more natural way to solve a problem that does not involve tampering with the body's chemical make up and the body's immune system is certainly the best healer. Seeing videos like this one and reading other accounts regarding the drug corporations casts real doubt on whether they are actually in the business of helping people or purely making a profit to satisfy shareholders' greed. We live in a world that can unfortunately be very cold and ruthless and I would not be surprised in the slightest if the following was true.
Gwen Olsen is correct when she says we must self-educate and be proactive when it comes to safe guarding the health of both ourselves and our loved ones as blindly following the advice of a money grabbing industry may not be serving our best interests.  

If you are having health problems and are considering long term prescription drugs, why not first at least consider hypnotherapy? Hypnosis tackles issues at their root cause and not the effect like other treatments can, all while working extremely quickly in producing results that are drug free, natural, safe and immensely cost effective in comparison to long standing medications or psychiatric treatments. For more information Email here.

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