Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Top 10 Most Common Nightmares

The top 10 most common nightmares are listed by as the following:

  • 32% - Being Chased, Attacked
  • 7% - Falling or Drowning
  • 7% - Being Trapped
  • 6% - Partner Leaving Them
  • 6% - Being Injured, Ill
  • 5% - Teeth Falling Out
  • 3% - Being Naked in Public
  • 2% - Missing a Plane or Train etc
  • 2% - Contacted By the Dead
  • 1% - Natural Disasters
I  can certainly relate to having a few of those, especially as a child. But what does this list say about our minds? Does it show a representation of our deepest manifested fears? Coming to physical harm, finding ourselves in danger, being left vulnerable, our appearance being disfigured or experiencing the supernatural all seem reasonable enough things to be afraid of, but then how many people have actually experienced being chased and attacked? Does this make nightmares unreasonable fears? For more on dreams read here and here. Is there something you think should have been on the list and is not there? Or have you had a nightmare you cant explain and want to share? Email me.


Joyce Lansky said...

Dreams of being contacted by the dead don't feel like dreams at all. Plus they are pleasant dreams.


Greg said...

Hello Joyce, that's really interesting. I have had dreams myself of dead family members but would never describe them as a nightmare. Would that constitute as being contacted? I would like to hear more about your experience in this field...