Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lose Weight with Hypnosis

Is it possible to lose weight with hypnosis? How can hypnotherapy help me get slim?

Why do so many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight? Everyone knows what foods are unhealthy these days, and at the same time we all know that regular exercise is highly beneficial. So what’s the issue? Why is the western world developing an ever increasing weight problem when health science is better than ever?

Much of the answer is in how people decide to lose weight. We all want a quick fix to everything so a couple of weeks of near starvation is preferred to healthy life choices. Diet pills and crash diets are huge businesses for this very reason, and in the short term they can certainly work. However, people will lose the weight quickly only to gain it back again in a short few weeks or months. The reason for this is that their living habits simply haven’t altered. Often the habits are so strong that the bounce back from dieting leaves the individual even heavier than they were previously! The malnourished body craves the fatty foods and when it gets them, it stores the fat wherever it can in case the body is starved again. It’s a survival instinct as much as anything.

‘You are what you eat’ is an old expression that rings true, although I would say ‘You are how you live’ as diet is not everything. Some people can get away with eating far more, and far more unhealthily than others because their lifestyle allows for a rapid metabolism that can cope with high levels of carbohydrates, sugars and fats. So your lifestyle is what dictates the shape of your body in essence, and your lifestyle is based around your individual habits, all the things that you do naturally or without really thinking about them.

These habits are driven by the subconscious aspect of our minds, and if the subconscious is programmed into yearning for certain foods and activities that are unhealthy, no short term fix will change this. Many of us grew up drinking tea/coffee with plenty of sugar and biscuits/coffee on the side, we were programmed into this behaviour as being normal, all while sitting and watching hours of television every day. We were programmed into finishing our plate of food no matter if we really wanted it or not and were told to eat until we were full up, bloated even.

These things aren't going to do much for controlling our weight but when indoctrinated into doing these things ritually and automatically the behaviours won’t just stop on their own, or even after a short stint of wanting to change no matter how desperately you try. Sometimes people don’t even notice their habits, they will swear to you blind that they do not eat unhealthily ever, that is until you catch with a packets of crisps and they tell you it is a one off. They will swear to you that they do a lot of exercise and barely watch any TV, until you here them in conversation discussing all the different shows they are addicted to. If you seriously want to change you have to be honest with yourself, as well as educating yourself in what actually constitutes as being healthy.

I was once in a restaurant with a vastly overweight work colleague who ordered a triple decker hamburger with extra cheese, large fries with melted cheese, a side bbq ribs and chicken wings. Then they ordered a diet coke, claiming it was the healthy option! Education and self honesty.

A smoking addict will try to stop smoking and struggle against it day in day out, their subconscious mind will fire cravings and urging thoughts at them continually until a moment of weakness is found and they ultimately give in. The struggle can be very hard to take, especially when it is beating you time and time again, and often leaves people to just 'quit quitting’. In the same way unhealthy food will creep up on you, your subconscious mind bombarding you with thoughts and feelings, telling you that you need this fuel to be satisfied, until eventually you cave in. You try to exercise regularly but your subconscious mind will look for any excuse not to bother, eagerly trying to conserve the energy it has been storing for you, willing you to sit down and put your feet up. It is literally a continual battle of displeasure that the subconscious will win time and time again unless there is an immense force acting against it. Some people are told that they will die unless they change their habits; that is one wake up call. Others get divorced, get fired from their jobs or face humiliation from friends. Others opt to have their stomachs cut open and stapled to make them eat less. There is a far easier way of course.

Hypnosis has an extraordinary record with weight loss, and is probably the number one sought after treatment from Hypnotherapists. But how does it have such an amazing effect where other methods don’t? The answer is that hypnosis directly targets the subconscious mind like the other methods simple cannot. The subconscious mind can be altered into thinking the way you want it to think.

In hypnosis your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed into a healthy mind set, so it will not keep sending those urges or cravings for food and will not put up such resistance to any physical exercise. In fact after a treatment of hypnosis you will begin to enjoy regular exercise and you will enjoy eating healthy foods. Fatty fast foods will not even enter your head by themselves, and if they do they will be looked upon with distaste because your subconscious mind will know that they are directly linked with an unhealthy body, both from the inside and the outside.

Hypnosis puts you on the right track to leading a long term healthy lifestyle, where you do not need to diet or lose weight quickly ever again. You simply make the right healthy choices on a day to day basis and soon enough you will not even need to think about being healthy, it will be as automatic and natural as being unhealthy was to you before. You weight will fall off gradually but regularly until you reach your desired weight or body image, and there you will remain for as long as you want to. Hypnosis is a very simple method but one that is proven to work.

Can anyone lose weight with hypnosis? Yes absolutely. But for hypnosis to be effective you do need a true desire to lose weight and a willingness to change your lifestyle for the better. If you do not truly want to change then change simply won’t happen; there has to be that strong motivating factor behind it all driving things forward.

If you are really motivated the changes will be easy to make and can be accomplished quickly under the guidance of a good hypnotherapist. for questions.

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