Monday, 31 October 2011

Confidence and Hypnosis

Grow Your Confidence

We are what we think or more importantly we think what we are. How does this affect our lives every moment that we are awake? There is a saying that if we think we can, we are right, and if we think we can’t we are right.
How often do we tell ourselves that I would do that, only I think I probably can’t? Invariably, you attempt the said project only to have it unravel around your ears hence proving to yourself that you were right thinking you couldn’t do it. If only you had the confidence to try something that you had never allowed yourself to try before.

The key here is the word confidence where if you have the confidence you are actually thinking in a different way. Confidence allows us to start the process of thinking of a positive outcome that often allows us to achieve our goal as stated. How much easier is it to approach our tasks with that positive expectation just because we displayed the confidence and commitment to go after our goal. On the flip side, we have the person who lacks confidence and sees the challenge as to big and something that they probably can’t do. And they are right because we will sabotage our efforts, one way or another, and not achieve the result we were after. An often disputed topic is the difference between negative and positive thinking. I will delve into these aspects in detail at a later date.

However, I will ask you, how much easier would our lives be if we were to approach all of our goals with new found confidence? I can hear you now saying to yourself, yes it’s good for you because you have the confidence to do this. Well, in reply imagine how much easier your life would be if you had that confidence as well. In what way can I get this you may ask? Imagine if it was as easy as listening to a recording specifically tailored to instilling confidence within.

How would it feel to be able to approach your daily tasks with the enthusiasm and confidence that you deserve? State of the art recordings on confidence hypnosis could be the start of something special in your life now. Of course there is a lot more to add when talking about the power of the mind, so I shall expand upon these topics in future posts.

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