Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hypnotherapy: The Virtual Gastric Band

A woman has shed a whopping six stone after she was hypnotised into believe she'd had a gastric band fitted.

Lorraine Robb, 39, tipped the scales at 21st 7lb after years of gorging on burgers, chips and massive portions of fatty foods.

But after being hypnotised into thinking her stomach had shrunk to the size of a tennis ball, the mother-of-three, from Doncaster, has managed to slim down to just 15st.

Now Lorraine, who said she was on the brink of going under the knife, struggles to even finish a single meal.

Throughout school Lorraine was taunted about her weight by cruel bullies who called her the Honey Monster.

Trapped in a vicious eating cycle after years of emotional abuse her eating habits began to spiral out of control and she began regularly binging on crisps and biscuits between meals.

Desperate to lose weight the supermarket assistant claims she spent more than £1,000 on dieting shakes and even resorted to taking Orlistat, a prescribed slimming pill.

But despite her efforts to lose weight, by the time she reached her thirties she was wearing size 24 clothes.

Ashamed of the way she looked, Lorraine considered having gastric band surgery - which can cost up to £6,000 - but instead, turned to a weight loss hypnotherapist for help at the last minute.

After just one 25 minute treatment session with hypnotherapist Bev Davies, she began to see drastic results as her weight began to plummet.

The therapist tricked Lorraine's mind into believing she can only eat tiny portions of food, which involved speaking to her subconscious to make her think her stomach had shrunk. And Lorraine says that her desire to eat diminished almost instantly.

At just £25 for the 'virtual gastric band' treatment she said she could feel her stomach tighten immediately, allowing her to curb her eating habits with ease.

She said: 'I have always been a big girl, I used to get bullied at school because of my size and looking back I think food was my only friend.

'Kids can be so cruel - the names they called me, things like 'fat-so' and 'Honey Monster' were so awful, I think that's always stayed with me and always will.

'For years I tried all sorts of different diets, from milkshakes to slimming pills, but nothing seemed to work for me, I felt hopeless.

'The extent of my weight problem really hit home when I saw a couple of pictures of myself on a night out, I was wearing a red dress, I just looked massive compared to my friends.

'It was when I realised the prescription weight loss pills weren't working that my doctor recommended I had a consultation for gastric band surgery - which I was really opposed to.

'But at the last moment, I saw an advertisement for weight loss hypnosis on Facebook and thought I may as well try it, I had nothing to lose.'

From that point, Lorraine attended just two group weight loss therapy sessions in which her mind was trained to believe she'd had a gastric band fitted.

Since her first session in March 2014, she says her eating habits have changed irrevocably, completely cutting out snacks from her diet.

To her disbelief, Lorraine has now lost 6st and dropped a huge10 dress sizes.

Lorraine said: 'Before the treatment, my weight would see-saw and there was no real way to control it.

'I probably spent thousands on all sorts of different dieting regimes; the milkshakes alone would have cost me an absolute bomb - it's not worth thinking about.

'But for the sake of £25, I've avoided having potentially dangerous surgery, surgery which I was very worried about.

'Now I can only eat a very small amount of food, anymore then I feel too full, which is great.

'Nowadays I mostly eat fruit, salad, meat and fresh veg which suits me perfectly.

'People say I look like a different person which makes me feel amazing.

'I don't think about those bullies half as much as I used to, the hypnotherapy has changed my life and the way I think about food.'

Bev Davies, 48, a qualified hypnotherapist for 21 years, said: 'Lots of people with weight problems feel they are on their own, but when they come to a group hypnotherapy session they realise that their problems aren't unique.

'I'm not surprised Lorraine has lost weight so quickly as this is a regular result.

'People have deeply rooted psychological habits that cannot be altered by the insertion of a physical gastric band, so people should think twice about having surgery.

'Hypnotherapy is much cheaper, it's non-invasive and it helps to change someone's mind-set permanently without the risks associated with such drastic surgical procedures.

'I've dealt with hundreds of people who have had actual surgery but they've regained their weight due to deeply rooted problems that need addressing through specialised therapy such as this.'

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