Friday, 18 April 2014

The Secrets of Deep Meditation

I’ve noticed that when experienced meditators go in search of a means to deepen their meditation, they often start by looking for a new technique.

Sure enough, you may find that a new technique gives your meditation a boost, but in most cases, once you have learned how to meditate, then the best way to improve the depth of your meditation is keep using the same technique, but to approach it a little differently (I'll get into this more in a moment). It may also be beneficial to you to make some positive changes to your lifestyle.

So instead of pondering over techniques or trying to learn some new trick, take a step back with me and let’s consider the larger picture of your life. If deep, blissful meditation is your sincere goal, then let’s explore the real factors that can help. You are already capable of deep meditation. What you may need are some reminders about what it takes to "go deep".

1. Your overall wellbeing – body, mind and soul
Your psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual health are all connected, and all have an impact on your ability to experience deep meditation. If there is an imbalance in one aspect of your life, it will undoubtably affect every other area in one way or another.

This article on body, mind and soul will help you to understand just how intimately connected the various components of your holistic self are. In it, I share a great story that shows how unexpected progress can be made in meditation, by addressing all aspects of personal health and healing.

2. Mindfulness
When you meditate, do you find that you mind is busy? Well you’re not alone. Over the course of a typical day it’s easy to build up an enormous amount of mental chatter.

The good news is that you do have the ability to reduce this build up of inner noise, even while you go about your normal daily routine!

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that will help prevent a buildup of mental chatter and prepare you for very deep meditation. Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful practice that can transform not only your meditations, but also the quality of your normal daily life.

These articles on mindfulness will help you to master your mind so that when you choose to meditate you can go much deeper, much faster.

3. Intention
For millions of people around the world, meditation is a positive part of their daily routine. Perhaps you are one of them. If you are, then be wary of your meditation becoming TOO routine.

I cannot stress just how important it is to understand the role of intention and how it can transform your meditations completely.

Please take a look at this article on the Power of Intention. While you’re in the neighbourhood, why not check out some of these great Quotes on Intention.

4. Binaural Audio
Binaural audio is a specialized form of music that helps to calm the activity in your mind and guide you into a state of deep relaxation. It is an extremely effective way of training the mind to enter a state of deep meditation and it's effective for both beginner and advanced meditators.

All that's really involved is listening to music that contains a technology known as "binaural beats". It's easy, it's very relaxing, and for many people, it brings about a turning point in their meditation and leads to a rapid acceleration in depth. Click here for more information.

5. Commitment and Persistence
I know, I know…commitment and persistence aren’t two of the most “fun” words in the world, but like so many things in life, they are essential to achieving true and lasting results. If you want to be able to slip easily into deep meditation on a regular basis, then you will have to dedicate a little time and effort to succeed.

I know it’s tempting to skip over this section, but I urge you to read this article on commitment. In it, I describe some of the steps you can take to easily elevate the status of meditation in your life and how the status of meditation in your life has a great bearing on how deeply you will be able to meditate.

While we’re on the subject, take a minute to get inspired with a few of these great commitment quotations, or be encouraged by this definition of commitment.

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