Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5 Common Reasons Why Patients Seek Out Hypnosis

5. Curiosity
There are a lot of people who are skeptical of hypnosis and what it can do for them. The reasons for this is that there’s a light that surrounds hypnosis and that light has been placed there by Hollywood.

There’s a lot of “illusion” and “camp” that surround hypnosis, but what many don’t know is that hypnotherapy is based in and around science and biology. I blog about that a little more in-depth (see below).

4. Rejection
Yes. There are those who seek out the craft of hypnosis because of being rejected socially. Being outcasted or even being dumped by a significant other can drive people to hypnosis. It’s a valid solution. Hypnosis can aid patients with their self-image and self-confidence, changing the way they perceive themselves and, not uncommonly, the world around them.

They tend to harbor negative beliefs about themselves afterward and hypnosis works to alter this mentality. This technique is also used to when it comes to tackling anxiety. Hypnotherapy can eliminate the patient’s habit to catastrophize, which is the heart of this issue.

3. Insomnia
The common mentality of many, across the globe, is go-go-go. We are always on the go and that may be attributed to the reasons why we can never fall asleep at night. However, there are other reasons that may be behind this phenomenon—so first, before you go any further thinking hypnosis will be your solution, talk to your primary care physician.

There are many things to consider about insomnia and how hypnotherapy can help you beat it, but the prime solution will likely be calming the rapid-fire thoughts shooting around inside our heads. That is where hypnosis comes in.

2. Smoking Cessation
I explain the ins and outs of what it takes to quit smoking HERE. This is an incredibly common reason for patients to seek me out. The problem is not using hypnosis to help them. The problem is helping the patient understand that this will not be a “quick solution” to the issue at hand.
Is it possible to kick the habit with hypnosis?
Will it be a 1-day turn around where cravings no longer exist?
No, unfortunately not.
But if you’re dedicated to quitting smoking, hypnosis can help you.

1. Weight Management
The most compelling reason that patients seek me out is due to weight management. They’re valid in this. Hypnosis can and has helped patients manage their weight. Hypnosis can change your ideas about food, eating, over-eating (with the holidays looming) and understanding what it means to be full.

If this is something you’re interested in, contact me. And we’ll get you started on the right path today. But remember: clarify what it is you’re aiming for first. If you’re not sure, allow me to help you do so. That’s one of the first steps to a successful hypnotherapy session, which we’ll touch more on in upcoming blog posts.

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