Friday, 12 July 2013

Hypnotist Shows Women How To Manipulate Men

A hypnotist is teaching women how to use simple mind tricks to manipulate boyfriends or husbands into doing what they want. 

Canada-based Colin Christopher says men don't even realize that their minds are being controlled thanks to covert method that uses subtle physical, visual and verbal cues.

Many of his female clients want to know how to drive their relationship forward, from moving in with a partner to tying the knot.

One of the first things he suggests is leaving relevant hints lying around, such as flat particulars or wedding magazines, in a bid to plant ideas.

'The use of imagery works very well in getting men to do things,' he told MailOnline.

'Marriage is one thing that makes a lot of guys nervous. It's important to be subtle.

'Even choosing who you socialize with can help. Mix with people in good relationships - being around unhappy couples will not sell the idea.'

For singletons about to embark on a first date, he recommends a number of sneaky techniques that will help snag a second rendezvous - should one be wanted.

'It's important to find out a bit about the man beforehand. Check out their online profile or chat with them on the phone and find out their likes and dislikes. Study photographs.'

Based on the outcome he advises selecting an outfit associated with their interests. For example, wearing clothes in their favorite color or adopting a style that complements theirs.

During the meet up Mr Christopher says women should be the first ones to initiate physical contact.

'Women must lean in not away, and they should make an effort to grab their date's hand. Touch is a very powerful thing for guys.'

On the conversation front, he suggests exploring shared interests and talking about doing things in the future together such as visiting a museum or going to the movies. The touch mechanism is also something hypnotists teach their patients when trying to recall a particular response or emotion.

He says a follow-up text or email keeps the energy going after the date and it is better for the woman to suggest the next activity.

'I am finding nowadays more women are picking what they want to do on a date. It definitely ensures greater success,' Mr Christopher explained.

How things are said, either face-to-face or over the phone can also unknowingly trigger different reactions.

'For example: "You will have another drink, won’t you?" Or "we’ll have another date next week, right?"''It’s not what you say but how you say it. The key is to use the power of suggestion in your line of questioning to get what you want,' Mr Christopher says.

As well as giving cues, Mr Christopher also shows women how to read their partner's body language to determine what they want or if they are telling the truth.

'It’s easy to tell if your man is lying because his eyes will react in certain ways,' he reveals.

'Looking left typically indicates a lie or a constructed image / sound, whereas looking right indicates a remembered image or sound, or the truth.

'When you’re telling a lie, your pupils also tend to dilate. Hypnotists use this technique to tell if someone is really under hypnosis.'

Mr Christopher doesn't just specialize in relationships though.  His new book, Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions That Will Make Or Break You, details how hypnosis can help people get ahead in the workplace.

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