Monday, 11 February 2013

Mike Tyson 'Knocked Out' By Hypnotist

Perth comedy hypnotist Matthew Hale has scored a knockout blow to former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Hale, a former 96fm radio producer and presenter well known around Perth for his comedy and corporate hypnosis act, tours the world with his shows.

He was in Las Vegas on Saturday training a group of Americans and Canadians how to perform comedy hypnosis shows.

"I had a bit of spare time today and was having a meal on 'the strip' when I saw that Mike Tyson was making an appearance close to the bar where I was," Hale said.

"People were lining up and getting stuff signed so I jumped in the line.

"However, when it came to my turn, instead of passing something for him to sign, I thrust my hand out, got him to focus deep into my eyes - and started to do what I do!"

Hale managed to get control of the former boxer in a way that more combative opponents haven't been able to.

"I had him roaring in my face, then elevated his excitement levels to the point that he ended up screaming: 'You are amazing, you're gonna take over the world' at me at the top of his voice," Hale said.

"He seemed to really enjoy the experience and told me 'that's some Jedi mind sh*t!'.

"Needless to say it caused quite a scene in the store, and as I'd spent minutes with him instead of the allotted few seconds, I had to make a quick exit."

Hale flies out of Las Vegas on Sunday for a show in the UK then back to Perth with a show on March 6 at The Brisbane Hotel.

Perth hypnotist Matt Hale with Mike Tyson.

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