Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hypnosis For Muscle Growth

Studies are beginning to show that hypnosis can build muscle on its own. Incredible-sounding, yes, but in one study, two groups were measured for muscle strength and size. One group exercised for a number of weeks, and the other did hypnosis for muscle growth for the same period of time. The exercising group increased muscle size and strength 30 percent, and the hypnosis group had an increase of 16 percent--without any conscious exercise. Imagine the progress you could make combining exercise and hypnosis!


Hypnosis is a state between sleep and wakefulness in which certain parts of your brain have shut down, principally your external senses, you body awareness, and your ability to judge and analyze. It is the latter part of your brain that most frequently stops you from making changes. The subconscious wants to maintain current behaviors because it feels they are safer. Hypnosis allows you to avoid the resistance and establish new behaviors more easily. It may involve one or more sessions with a trained hypnotist.


A hypnotist who understands muscle growth may identify areas for you to improve your workouts. Common shortfalls are infrequent workouts, not exhausting your muscles, not changing your routine enough, not giving muscle groups enough rest, overchallenging muscles and injuring them too often, insufficient muscle stretching and too much or too little cardio exercise. Too much aerobic exercise can start to break down muscle you built up during weight training. The hypnotist may formulate suggestions to increase gym frequency, for example, by associating arriving at your gym with the feeling of arriving home.


Hypnosis can affect many physiological systems in your body. The hypnotist may give you a trigger to use on yourself (some evocative image or phrase) to increase your strength when you exercise. It may help you recreate the remembered sensation of energy and power you had during some of your best workouts. He may actually be helping you to hydrate your muscles or release more adrenaline or make sure you keep optimal form.


Part of looking fit is to expose your muscles by reducing your body fat. Beyond just cutting down on the amount of food, you may need to change the timing and choice of food. The hypnotist will probably take a thorough inventory of your eating habits. You may be eating too late at night when your body is less likely to burn calories. You may not be spreading calories out over the day for more efficient burning.


Many people underestimate the value of a good night's rest for muscle growth. Your hypnotist may make suggestions to help you go to bed earlier, fall asleep more easily, sleep through the night, and get a more restorative, restful sleep, so that your muscles get a rest and not additional exercise at night. Sleep deprivation may decrease appetitite and make you more antisocial so that you will feel less comfortable going to a public gym.

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