Saturday, 15 September 2012

Hypnosis To Find A Lost Item

Hypnosis can be used for a great many things, as this blog is testament to, but one of the things that doesn't get much publicity is using hypnosis to find lost and forgotten things...
The below is a section taken from an article in the Star Advertiser by Diane Ako, who went to see the hypnotherapist, and good friend of mine, John Brent Koffman at his Honolulu clinic Body And Mind (BAM).

I lost a file at work recently. It wasn't costly or confidential, but it did represent some hours of research that I did not feel like recreating.

I looked around my desk a few times over several weeks. I looked at home. I couldn't find it.
I was complaining to a friend, Brent, about these forgetful episodes. Again, I'm usually very good about certain things, and keeping track of my things is one of them.

His superpower is to hypnotize people, so he offered to do that for me to retrace my steps and find the file. Sure, I said. Let's try.

If you've never done hypnosis, here is how it goes. You sit or lie down comfortably while he speaks to you in a calming voice. First he asks you to imagine a comfortable scene, and then he counts you down from ten to one. You get sleepier as you count down. It feels like the wave of relaxation that sweeps over your body just before you fall asleep.

Then he asked me to think about the day, in detail, of when I took possession of the file - before, during, and after. I wasn't to think too hard about the answer, but just say what came to me. Sometimes I couldn't remember the answer, and we just moved on. It felt like looking at a hazy dream.

At the end of the half hour, I still hadn't recalled where I put the file. He still said I did a good job with some very detailed recall from a date two weeks ago, and that my brain would continue to sift through the subconscious data and maybe come up with the answer later. He likened it to how you might not remember someone's name right away, but it'll come to you later out of the blue.

We parted ways and I went back to work. Not five minutes later, I decided to check a certain place on my desk that I hadn't thought to look before. There it was! Brent is amazing!

I went into the session with faith and optimism that it would work. I came out a little bummed that I hadn't recalled the location of the lost folder, but believed him when he said I would continue subconsciously thinking about it. I just didn't think it would come to me so quickly!

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