Monday, 26 December 2011

How To Hypnosis...Top 10 Self Hypnosis Tips

I have posted previously my guide into how to get started with self hypnosis (Part One, Part Two, Part Three plus Recording Your Own Hypnosis) as well as different tips / experiments that can help to ease yourself into the practice (here and here). have produced this great Top 10 list that I really liked the look of and puts things in a very concise order. Just remember practice really does make perfect, and if you want to reap the full benefits of self hypnosis it is going to take some time and consistency...

1. Try to do your self hypnosis exercises consistently at the same time each day (as much possible anyway) for 15-30 minutes per session.

2. For the first few times that you practice self hypnosis, it's recommended to only practice when you are in a somewhat relaxed condition to start with. So you may want to take a warm bath beforehand.

3. Do not force your mind when it is feeling fatigued or sleepy after a nerve-racking day. If you are very tired, then you'll have trouble concentrating. If you need to take some time out, then just have put your feet up and get back to doing self hypnosis another time.

4. Formulate suggestions properly. No matter how effectively you practice a bad idea, it is still a bad idea. Give yourself specific commands, and phrase your hypnotic suggestions carefully, so as to form them correctly or once again, you will only act surprised when you fail. Remember, your subconscious needs the right cues, if it's going to change your behaviours. Read more on formulating suggestions here

5. Ensure you're prepared. Ahead of your session know what suggestions you'll be using. Don't try to make them up on the fly. You want your conscious mind to relax and if you have to think too much, then your session won't be very effective.

6. Find a quiet spot to practice. It's best to minimise distractions while you are in the process of learning self hypnosis. Remember to turn off your phone and if anyone is in the area, ask them not to disrupt you.

7. Find a position where your body will be comfortable and you will find it a lot easier to enter the hypnotic state. If you have a recliner, that would be perfect. Then again, make certain that you're not so comfortable that you fall asleep - that defeats the purpose. A good position is to be sitting in a chair with your spine straight and your feet firmly planted on the floor.

8. Be patient. When learning a skill such as self-hypnosis, a lack of experience coupled with impatience equals all but guaranteed failure. So take your time, when dealing with your most potent and difficult-to-reach issues.

9. Make or buy a recording that guides you into hypnosis before you begin to apply suggestions. If you're making it yourself you can either just record an induction or you may want to record your whole session, including the positive suggestions that you'll be working with. If you would like a personalised recording Email me for details.

10. Practice putting yourself into a relaxed state as often as possible. Even if it's just a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day, you will be able to get into hypnosis more effortlessly when you do your self hypnosis work.

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