Thursday, 7 December 2017

92 Sneaky Causes Of Acne

Seriously, how do you get clear skin?

Having acne can be really frustrating. It seems that no matter what you do or use on your skin, your breakouts just won’t stop.

The more you try to solve it, the worse your skin gets.

Frustrating, right?

You see, beating acne is not just about applying products to your skin. It’s also about knowing what your acne triggers are and avoiding them as much as possible.

Take, for example, your diet.

Dairy products, sweets, and high glycemic foods can contribute to acne. They can disrupt your body’s hormones which causes your skin to produce more oil.

The more oil you have, the more prone to acne you’ll be.

Apart from diet, your health and the medications you are taking can also make your skin break out. Your lifestyle and stress level play a huge role in how your skin behaves, too.

Take note that acne triggers don’t work the same way for all people. There are factors that can wreak havoc on other people’s skin but not on yours.

Now, to help you understand your skin’s unique set of acne triggers better, here’s an infographic you can check out.

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