Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Psychology Blogs: The Ultimate List

(Take note number 18, in the presence of some really wonderful blogs :)

Introducing Psychology Blogs: The Ultimate List

1. Mind Hacks

In their own words: “Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.”
Mind Hacks also have a pretty cool wiki page to explore popular old posts.

2. Research Digest

“We want to demonstrate how fascinating and useful psychological science can be, while also casting a critical eye over the methods used.”
By the British Psychological Society, Research Digest posts about new research and helps to disseminate findings into useful advice.

3. PsyBlog

Launched in 2004, Psyblog is a hugely popular psychology blog.
Explaining recent scientific findings with a clarity that demonstrates how research can be useful in everyday life. 

4. Sharp Brains

Tracking health and applications of brain science, Sharp Brains is an independent marketing research firm.
With great articles, online courses and brain teasers they are definitely worth a visit.

5. Psych Splash

Launched in 2006, Psych Splash is the Pinterest of the psychology blog world.
A personal project of Dr Gareth Furber, Psych Splash is designed to showcase psychology related websites.

6. Dr Deb – Psychological Perspectives

As well as writing thought provoking and informative blog post, Dr Deborah Serani also authors award winning books.
Dr Deb is a practicing psychoanalyst specialising in treating trauma and depression.

7. Science Daily

From one of the internets most popular science news websites.
This psychology blog is always up to date with great psychology related news and videos. 

8. (e) Science News

A fully automated ‘artificial intelligence’ science news aggregator.
This Psychology and Sociology section aims to keep ahead of the latest popular research.

9. BrainBlogger

This well designed and award winning blog aims to review research that will impact peoples lives.
Founded in 2005 it is also affiliated with the  Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF), an international neurological and mental health charity.

10. PsychCentral

Owned and operated by Dr. John Grohol, PsychCentral is one of the oldest and largest psychology websites.
Run by mental health professionals it offers reliable information as well as over 200 support groups.

11. Teaching High School Psychology

A bit of a change from the blogs listed so far, this blog is a resource for psychology teachers.
Although even if you aren’t a psychology teacher it has some great articles and resources.

12. The Situationist

Associated with The Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law school.
The Situationist is a must read for those interested in social sciences and social psychology.

13. Psychology Today

Psychology today publishes a range of articles written by renowned psychologists, academics and psychiatrists.
First starting in 1967 in magazine form and still going strong.

14. Advances in the History of Psychology

“Advances in the History of Psychology is a news and notes aggregator pertaining to the history of the discipline.”
A great psychology blog for any wannabe psychology geek!

15. Medical News Today

Disseminating the latest psychology and psychiatry research from universities and journals from around the world.
As well as great articles, Medical News Today also has a great knowledge centre.

16. Workplace Psychology

A great blog dedicated exclusively to the area of workplace psychology.
Covering the world of work from a scholarly perspective. The references cited are from well-respected sources.

17. In The News

By Karen Franklin PHD, In The News covers forensic psychology, criminology and psychology law.
Featuring great articles, news and book reviews. 

18. Connecting Hypnotherapy

Maintained by Gregory Mell, a qualified hypnotherapist this blog aims to explain hypnotherapy and other topics related to the mind.

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