Friday, 2 January 2015

Weird New Years Eve Celebration Traditions!

1—Gathering in the cemetery (Chile)
This might sound spooky to many but this is the way Chileans mark the celebrations of New Year. They gather around in the graveyard and lighten it up along with family members. The reason behind this practice is because they believe in celebrating with their ancestors and remembering them. 
2—Flashing your undies (Argentina)
This definitely sounds kinky! It might seem an inappropriate thing in many parts of the living planet, but this exciting tradition is actually practised in the South American land, Argentina. On the New Year, individuals choose their preferred colour of undergarment and flash it. These colours stand for several things like red is for love, gold for prosperity and so on. Interesting! 
3—Throwing bread loaves on the wall (Ireland)
This funnily weird tradition is an old practice by the Irish to ward off bad spirits from their lives. They collect bread loaves and bang it on the walls to keep negativity out on New Year’s Eve. 
4—Starting afresh (Peru)
Now this is some way to take out all your frustrations and start life fresh! In Peru, there is an annual Takanakuy Festival where people who have differences participate in a fist fight in order to resolve their issues. They believe in moving forward with a clean slate and carrying no grudge to the next year.
5—Throw your furniture out (South Africa)
We understand that your old sofas are pretty comfy but in South Africa it is considered a good way to ward off negativities by throwing out old furniture. The Proteas throw the furniture out of the window to start the New Year on a fresh note. So, time to get rid of the cozy sofa!
6—Animal whisperer (Romania)
Talking to pets is a great stress buster, but in Romania the level of talking to cattle has reached new heights. According to their belief, animals gain power of speech during the midnight and if they reply to you, consider that bad luck has fallen on you for the coming year. So, pray that your cow continues mooing and speaks no other word!
 7—Diving in a frozen lake carrying a tree (Siberia)
Considering the amount of vodka in a Siberian’s body, this looks quite possible! For why on hell would somebody dive in a frozen lake carrying a tree? In Siberia, a hole is cut in the frozen Lake Baikal where enthusiasts jump in to bring in good luck for the coming year.

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