Friday, 14 March 2014

Hypnosis For Longevity

One of the most common barriers to considering the possibility of a radically extended health span is our beliefs, or assumptions around aging and death.
Typically, as the idea of radical longevity is encountered for the first time, people tend to balk, and offer an extended list of reactionary defenses of the status quo, sometimes stridently so.
Many of us in the longevity or Transhumanist community have noticed that if we frame the issue in a more nuanced way, the automatic defenses around the inherited collection of beliefs or meta-frame around aging and death can be bypassed somewhat.
If you ask someone if they would want to become blind, deaf, totally confused, forgetful, weak, ugly and powerless, they would likely say no.
If you ask someone if the want to die this very moment, they would likely say no.
And so I wonder, if they don’t want to die in this moment, why would they want to die in a different moment?
People seem to have a sort of Stockholm syndrome relationship to death and aging, the learned helplessness surrounding this issue has generated within us complex strategies to cope.
If you are reading this, you may have already processed many of these so called “deathist” beliefs and are well on your way towards fully embracing the possibility or an indefinite lifespan.
Even so, we may still be holding hidden beliefs or assumptions that keep us from being fully congruent with the goal of an indefinite lifespan.
Imagine yourself behaving exactly how you want to behave, then step into that.
E.g., Perhaps you could see yourself, dissociated as if you were watching a movie about yourself, at 150 years old, with all the sights sounds and feelings, you have made it to a time when medicine has advanced to the point where indefinite lifespan can be achieved, and you have positioned yourself to take advantage of these future technologys.
Next, you can step into this experience as it it were completely real – how does it feel?
Do you feel a lack of motivation?
Are you exited and thrilled?
Or perhaps you feel some negative feelings
You can program your unconscious mind to automatically behave in a way that moves you toward that goal, but not if you have many contrary beliefs or feelings.
If you have any objections surface, perhaps that all of your friends have passed away, or maybe that you feel selfish etc. can you re-frame that resistance with a contrary story such as
Some of my friend are still here, and I have made new and satisfying friendships
I devote some of my time each day helping others, or making the world a better place..
After you have processed any objections or negative feelings, step back into the experience, and discover how it feels, keep repeating this until it feels fantastic, you should have a powerful positive emotion around this – that is the reaction you want.
  • Visualize yourself getting what you want
  • step into it first hand
  • if it doesn’t feel the way you want it, make adjustments and do it again
  • Note that at this point you don’t have to know exactly how to do it…
  • Also, make sure that it is phrased in the positive e.g., Not – I don’t want to be dead in 100 years, but instead – I am young healthy and alive in 150 years.
If you would like personal assistance with this, or take this to an even greater level, contact me via email.

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