Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Where And How To Get Started With Hypnotherapy

A question I have had many times from clients is where they can begin with hypnotherapy. Sometimes people have nothing in particular 'wrong' with them they just don't feel quite right or they want to simply explore hypnosis in general, or they have several different problems that culminate together as one dark cloud hanging over them, both mentally and physically.

My answer is that a good place to start is Self Hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is much like meditation, its a relaxing experience involving breathing, concentration, visualisation and letting yourself gently slip away from your conscious mind. It is also free, you can do it completely alone and involves little time to get started.

Many of life's problems stem from stress, and namely our inability to manage stress easily. Stress and anxiety cause a number of ill effects, it can make us more susceptible to physical symptoms, namely as various forms of illness, bodily dysfunction, aches and pains and high blood pressure, and mental symptoms such as depression, emotional problems and mood changes.

The very act of entering into hypnosis (via self hypnosis or with a therapist) promotes calm and balance of mind and reduces stress levels significantly, and if it is practiced on a regular basis stress levels remain low with long term effects. When stress is removed or at least significantly lowered, our body and mind function better and other symptoms will be eliminated without being targeted directly.

Of course specific problems can be concentrated on in hypnotherapy, but as a general rule if you are relaxed and calm your body and mind are on a great platform to perform at their optimum and achieve your daily and long term life goals.

Below are links on how to get started with hypnosis, if you have any questions send an email or leave a comment.

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