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Feng Shui And How To Make Changes In Your Life

There are times in our life when we need a big change. Maybe we want to leave a long-term relationship, a job we are unhappy with, move to an entirely new area, find a career that makes our heart sing, or have a family.
These big change times can be enormously frustrating. Everything in us feels like we are ready now, but things seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, or we don’t have a clue how to go about making the change happen.
If you are in one of those big change times of your life, Feng Shui presents a proactive way to get things moving – via moving around things in your living space.
Feng Shui teaches that we are energetically connected to everything that surrounds us. Our living space – whether a mansion, house, apartment or room, hugely affects us because of the amount of time we spend there.
Whatever we are surrounded by has a lot of influence over how we feel about our lives, ourselves and our place in the world. In other words, the shape of our outer world reflects the shape of our inner world.
This is why clutter is such a big deal. If we have a lot of  clutter it reflects a place where we have gone unconscious in our lives. The deeper the degree of clutter and chaos in our surroundings, the more deeply we have lost touch with who we truly are and what is really important.
The good news is that just as clutter stops the flow of positive energy, unloading it and moving things around in our home in a conscious way, will get the positive energy flooding into those otherwise occupied areas. New energy comes into our lives as we free up energy in our living space. I have been consulting for over 13 years and have witnessed innumerable huge changes take place in my clients lives simply by clearing the clutter.
Whatever area of your life you would like the big changes to occur, Feng Shui teaches that there is an energetic center of the home that corresponds to it. We can locate this energy center and enhance it with what we call environmental affirmations.
The vehicle for locating these energy centers is called a Bagua Map.
The concept is akin to using your home as a vision board. You identify the area you want to get the energy moving in and enhance it with objects that represent this. The items you use should be personal, no Chinese coins, or dragons or objects from a different culture unless they have personal meaning to you.  Even if you don’t know the specifics of what it is you want, try to get things that represent the qualities you are looking for. If you wish to change the status of a relationship, think about the qualities that are the most important, not the things they have acquired.
For example, let’s say you want to move somewhere but didn’t have a clue where that would be. What you do know is that you want to be somewhere that has lakes and hiking trails. You want the people to have certain qualities that are important to you, such as an interest in ecology and green living. You want a pet-friendly area with open minded people. In that case, find pictures, images, words and objects that represent these qualities and put them up in the Health and Family area of the home. This area is about where we live and our community as family.
Here are seven things you can do now to encourage a Big Life change.
Step #1 remove the clutter. The bigger you want the change, the bigger the clutter removal should be.
Step #2 Reinvent and rearrange  your living space. This is the time to rearrange your furniture, paint your room or home, do those projects you have been putting off, like putting in a vegetable garden. Move the energy or chi in and around your  home and you will get it moving in your life! See my article on Reinventing your  Living Space for more ideas.
Step #3 Locate the areas of the home that represent the areas you want to get moving and use this part of your home as a vision board representing what it is you want to bring into that part of your life.
Step #4 Make the entrance to your home entrancing. The entrance is considered the mouth of chi where all of our opportunities enter. If you have an entrance you can work with, add colorful planter boxes on either side of the door, refresh your door mat, clear spider webs, oil squeaky doors, replace light bulbs, clear dead plants and anything unpleasant to look at. Clean your front door or give it a new coat of paint or paint it your favorite color.
Step #5 If you are working with career, make sure your office chair is in the empowered position, i.e. so that you can see the door but are not in direct alignment to it. Create a vision board in your home office of your ideal career and put a water feature in that room. Career is connected to water and our life-flow.
Step #6 Change the position of your bed – but make sure you are in the empowered position, not in front of a window or in direct alignment with a door. Changing something as basic as your bed position will shake up the nervous system and get your creative juices going, breaking stuck thought patterns.
Step #7 Write on a piece of paper as much as you know now about the qualities of the big change you want. Write it gratitude and in present-tense, as if it is true now. Put this paper in a special box you like in the area of the home that you are working with and read it often. Feel it, imagine it, from a place of believing this is coming to you.The more you can visualize it as if it is true, the more energy you create in moving it towards you.
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