Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How To Stop Feeling Constantly Tired

How many times have you rolled into work bleary-eyed, wishing that you could have grabbed another hours sleep because of how tired you feel? And how many times have you heard your colleagues or friends express exactly the same desire?

Weariness seems to be a modern epidemic, and while it's not debilitating it can have a very negative impact on your life. You can miss out on opportunities and new experiences because you just want to stay in your home, and veg out while watching TV because of how tired you feel. That's not living though, it's existing.

Fortunately though you can turn your tiredness on its head by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

The first important change to make is to ensure you always remain well hydrated. The human body is around 70% water and uses two and half litres of water every day. Tiredness is a very common symptom of dehydration so it could be that you're not taking in enough water daily. Aim to drink about two litres of water throughout the day as you will also take in some liquid from the food you eat.

Speaking of food you should also take a look at your diet. Foods high in fat or carbohydrates are hard to digest so the body slows down while it's working the food through the system. And while sugary foods will give you a short-term boost you will soon crash and burn. Instead you should take care to include plenty vitamins and minerals in your diet and the easiest way to do this is consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat at least two different pieces of fruit or veg as part of each meal along with some lean meat (or protein substitute if you are vegetarian/vegan) and you will find your energy levels greatly improve.

While you boost your system with water, fruit and vegetables you should aim to greatly reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Much like sugar, caffeine has a “crash and burn” effect. You’d also be surprised how badly it effects your sleep. I gave up caffeine for a week and had some of the best sleeps I’ve ever had as an adult. Ever since then I’ve stuck to just one cup of tea in the morning and no fizzy or energy drinks. Alcohol may help you drift off to sleep at night but as your body processes it it becomes a stimulant which can cause you to wake up early and greatly impact the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is certainly a key area to work on to improve your energy. It is recommended for most people to get between seven or nine hours of sleep every night. The easiest way to make sure you get the optimum amount of sleep is to set two alarms, one for when you need to wake up AND one for when you should go to bed. No excuses, no “one last TV show” or “ten more minutes on the internet”, get to bed as soon as that alarm goes. Set your alarm for about an hour before you wish you fall asleep to give yourself time to get comfortable and relaxed. Your body appreciates routine and having a regular sleep pattern will make a world of difference.

If you’re still having trouble sleeping well then I have two recommendations. The first is to stop using your TV/computer/cell phone about an hour before you plan to go to bed. You can set another alarm for this if you like. The problem with this electronic forms of entertainment are two-fold, first they provide an intense source of artificial light which can trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, secondly they cause an immense amount of mental stimulation which takes quite some time to “come down” from.

Another great way to improve your sleep is through the use of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis quietens the conscious mind, turning down all the mental chatter so you can drift to sleep without any worries on your mind. We have a sleep hypnotherapy MP3 that you can listen to before you go to bed (or in bed on a MP3 player) for less than ten dollars.

Finally, if you really want to super-charge your body, then it’s important to take regular exercise. This means exercising for thirty minutes at least three times a week. Exercise improves circulation, sharpens the focus of the mind and increases stamina - all important factors in avoiding tiredness. At the beginning it can be hard to find the motivation, but hypnotherapy can also help with when you use this Exercise Motivation MP3. It targets the subconscious mind to increase your motivation and will power to take regular exercise.

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