Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Instant Hypnosis? Rapid Induction Technique

We see TV shows where 'street hypnotists' in particular are able instantly to hypnotise willing volunteers into a deep sleep by simply using a handshake. This is not something I have ever learned to do but it is something I get asked about on a regular basis. 'How do they do that?' 'Is that really real?' The below article was written by Nathan Thomas and sheds some light on the technique involved in such practices. 
If you are familiar with the traditional versions of the hypnotic handshake induction you will know that it works on the principle of pattern interrupts. As shaking hands is something most of us just do automatically, naturally, it means it is a hard wired unconscious pattern. (like tying your shoes, writing your signature, brushing your teeth, things you just do without thinking.) Now when this pattern is interrupted a state of total blankness is induced.

What happens is you take the mind down one track (shaking hands) which activates the unconscious pattern and automatic behaviour. Just as they are comfortable on this automatic road, and their unconscious mind is operating the behaviour without any conscious input you interrupt the pattern. Doing something unexpected which breaks the pattern throws their mind off the track, and leaves them in a state of total blankness, desperately searching for another track to jump on induces "hyper suggestibility." In other words, a total willingness to follow whatever you suggest (within reason of course!).

There are no limits to how you can interrupt the pattern or what pattern you can interrupt (do not restrict yourself to handshake inductions!). But in this particular induction we will focus on an arm pull.

Once you are shaking their hand and they are in the handshake pattern (just basically when they are in the act of shaking your hand in a natural and normal way) you give a sharp pull on their arm (the one you are shaking) with yours. Be sure to avoid seeming violent, and be gentle enough to ensure you do not cause any pain or injury (no folks, dislocating arms does not make a good induction!). This jerk on their arm breaks the pattern so dramatically they are hurled right off the track and enter a state of total and utter dumfoundment which you can quickly fill with your suggestion.

Now, when a clown offers his hand and then jerks it away when you go to shake it this leaves you in a dazed state for a second or so, but you soon snap out of it. Which is why after you have broken the pattern you must act promptly to fill the gap, otherwise they will simply gather their thoughts and carry on as usual (in my experience often with total amnesia for the interrupt). With such a dramatic break it tends to be more powerful is you are very direct and authoritarian with your suggestion.

"Sleep Now!" or just "Sleep" have proven to be very effective in my experience.

Now they're in a trance, but your work is not finished as you nearly always must then move quickly onto a deepener to ensure they stay in trance and reach an appropriate depth. Once you have this you can give your hypnotic suggestions.

Be sure to practice this method and pattern interrupts in general to enhance your skill and confidence, and be sure to have a decent understanding of how to deepen the trance, how to give them suggestions once you have them "under," and how to emerge them once you are done. A great learning tool is to simply have fun with it.

This method in particular may not work every time, if something does not turn out quite right treat it as a learning experience and leap back into the fray to do it again, and the more you practice the better you get, and the better you get the more fun you have!


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