Thursday, 11 August 2011

Modern Uses of Hypnotherapy and the Future...

Today Hypnotherapy is being used to treat an ever-widening range of human problems. Practically any problem related to the mind can be treated using the method of hypnosis.

Phobia treatment, addictions/habits, weight control, self esteem and confidence, irritable bowel syndrome, motivation, stress and anxiety, academic performance, childhood behavioural problems, bedwetting, sports performance, pain management, anger management, skin conditions, sexual dysfunction, fertility, migraine control, birthing and pre-birthing, relaxation, sleep problems, memory retrievals, past-life regression, dream interpretation, physical healing…

These are just some of the issues that Hypnotherapy is successfully being used to treat today, often with a much higher success rate and speed than other ‘conventional’ therapies. The mind affects our lives in every way imaginable and therefore Hypnotherapy can be used to improve absolutely any aspect of our lives.

The art of Hypnotherapy is now being mastered on a global scale with more and more people gaining knowledge of the power of the subconscious mind and its influences. The phenomenon of the internet has allowed the passage of information to flow ever more freely, and in the past few years Hypnotherapy has even started being conducted via web-chat format whereby the client can literally be thousands of miles away from the practitioner but still receive treatment! Evidence of how Hypnotherapy is evolving in line with modern demands.

Research continues to gather pace in investigating how effectively Hypnotherapy works in a multitude of different scenarios, as well as gaining foresight into the neuroscience of exactly HOW it works. Suggestion leading to clearly identifiable physiological change is something quite hard to comprehend for most people, but only due to the fact that education or even mainstream science itself has found little way to effectively explain neurological processes. Modern research is gathering vast amounts of data on a complex matter, and is consistently throwing up new findings that seem to surprise the experts. But just how far can Hypnotherapy be taken, and how quickly?

Hypnotherapy appears to have the capacity to interconnect many different things. It is a road between the practices of ancient Greece and Egypt and modern day medicine. It is a connection between body and mind, the conscious and the subconscious. For some people it is said to connect past experiences or even past lives with our present. Brain wave monitors and other apparatus have proved objectively the effect Hypnosis can have on the bodily functions as well as identifying how deep Hypnosis can take the brain into previously disbelieved levels of frequency; the modern a proving connection with ancient practices of Yogi masters. There is more to learn from Hypnotherapy as much as there is more to connect – and therefore understand – at a much broader level.

We know what Hypnosis can do for learning, healing, relaxing, thinking and altering undesired behaviour or thought patterns; so why is it not being more practically applied in everyday life? The idea that the human brain/body can be trained to heal and regulate itself, as it did for countless millennia in ancient times, may not sit well with modern ideologies of wishing to ‘play God’ and fix all problems with a credit card, punishing chemicals and a scalpel. Although it would seem a rather more natural solution to a great many problems with far fewer side effects to consider. Hypnotherapy is increasingly being used to treat children for this very reason and perhaps in the near future we will see its introduction into mainstream education as well as medicine.

Fortunately for us Hypnotherapy is now readily available across the planet and we only need ‘Google’ it and the information will appear ready for our consumption. The technique has a connecting potential to bring us a new level of understanding in a great many things, none more so than exploring our own minds and bringing us closer to our own consciousness, surely an ultimate goal for any thinking persons life. The future for Hypnotherapy is bright for whoever has the motivation to reach out and learn its art, exactly something that more and more people are beginning to do.

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The simplest way to explore Hypnosis for yourself is to look into SELF HYPNOSIS. What I shall do next is post all the information required to get up and running with Self Hypnosis with detailed descriptions and later some audio file’s to make it as user friendly as possible. I have now completed my brief summery of Hypnotherapy which covers the main topics and fundamentals of the technique, so why not give it a try for yourself? Especially given that it is totally free and brimming with personal benefits there is absolutely nothing to lose… this article claims that Hypnosis could even be THE future medicine...

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