Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hypnotherapy Guide: An Introduction to Hypnosis

Hello and welcome to my blog that talks about everything concerned with the mind and in particular Hypnotherapy. My aim is to create a free information source that is user friendly both to the seasoned expert in the field as well as the complete novice. Most of all I hope this blog will be genuinely useful for those who choose to read it and will in turn bring about a certain level of enjoyment in doing so...

I grew up with a great interest in how things worked - not cars or electronics but instead people. What fascinated me most were the reasons behind why people chose to behave as they did, and I began a marathon journey from a young age in attempt to ‘work out’ every person around me. This natural inclination toward human behaviour lead me to study Psychology at university and sometime afterwards to certify as a Hypnotherapist, both schools of thought advancing my knowledge greatly. I am still of course on a great learning curve as I am sure I will be for a very long time yet, but I thought the time was right to share some of what I know and hopefully learn some things for myself in the process.

Right, now that’s out of the way shall we get on with it?

Many of us strive to control our lives but end up frustrated after continual episodes of failure. We fail because we are going about things the wrong way, often repeating ourselves and making the same mistakes over and over as if going around in circles and facing the same brick walls, the same disappointments. We fail to break habits and we fail to make the positive changes in our lives that we had hoped to achieve. Why can we not simply decide to change and then simply change?

Our surrounding environment remains virtually as a constant that does not alter, so if we do not concentrate on changing ourselves first and foremost then change will never take effect in our lives. How often do we hope for outside influences to intervene in order for us to improve? ‘If only people did not smoke around me’ ‘If only I didn’t have to work so often I could...’. The blame is so often directed toward the outside, something we can do little to alter, the very first step toward complete change must be the realisation that we are in control of our own decisions and for change to occur we must first do what we can to change ourselves. We must take responsibility for everything we do.

But just how to initiate this change for the better? How do we become what we envisage? If it was that easy why has it not been achieved already and why do so many suffer the same recurring fate? To control our lives effectively in the way we want to do we must learn and master certain methodology of how to master our own minds and harness our body’s natural energies. Once this is achieved we can begin to construct our lifestyles the way we truly want them to be.

This blog is going to show you exactly how this is done in easy to use steps.

Behaviour, emotion and personality are formed in the ‘muscles’ of the brain. In the same method a person might strengthen his legs in order to run faster, the brain ‘muscle’ can also be trained to improve itself in ways that can greatly enhance the mental aspect of our lives. Negative behaviours and those recurring personal problems that blight us can be removed simply by focusing our brain in a different angle and utilising it’s energy in a more focused way. Where bodily muscles can be worked and trained in a gym the brain ‘muscles’ can be adjusted with different techniques in their own domain, and given due time and consideration results will follow with a staggering frequency actually far quicker than bodily muscle could ever grow.

The road to improvement is not one without difficulties on its route and will present many obstacles and problems along the way. However, this must be seen as a great opportunity to face our inabilities head on and improve ourselves for the better. The goal at stake with controlling the mind can only be to make your own life a better experience to live, one that will enrich not only yourself but also those around you, particularly our most loved ones. Can there be a more worthwhile journey to undertake?

Our body and mind are simply one combined vehicle that we experience our lives through. We can work together to make that vehicle run all the more smoother and in turn make our own lives, and the lives of others around us, all the more enjoyable an experience. Are you ready to learn how to become a stronger person and show others how to do the same?

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